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About NEPLab

The Laboratory for Nonequilibrium Phenomena (NEPLab) is located in the J. Mike Walker '66 Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University. We perform computational and experimental research of materials in extreme environments. Such environments include high strain-rate situations (i.e., ballistics and hypervelocity impacts) and non-negligible thermal situations. Employing multiscale mechanics models allows us to capture the pertinent physics on multiple length scales. We can then utilize our understanding to enable the multiscale design of revolutionary multifunctional materials. 

NEPLab Presents at 2022 S.E.S. Conference

NEPLab at SES alt.png

Several members of the NEPLab group presented their research at the 2022 Society of Engineering Science Annual Technical Meeting which was held at Texas A&M University. It was a great week to highlight the diverse contributions the students at NEPLab are making to the field of solid mechanics. Congrats to everyone on their hard work!

Contributed Talks:

Yuan Ji: Cavitation of soft tissue surrogates under complex stress states

Caleb Foster: Smallest Feasible Statistical Volume Elements for Ductile Fracture of Metals with Non-Periodic Particle Morphology


Caleb Foster: Homogenized Modeling of Anisotropic Impact Damage in Rolled AZ31B with Aligned Second-Phase Particles

Joshua VanCura: Modeling the Terradynamics of Deformable Solids using Resistive Force Theory

Cristopher Karber: Taylor-Couette system for superimposed-shear cavitation experiments

Isabella Mihalic: Investigation of the Role of Second-Phase Particles on Damage in Rolled Magnesium Alloys

October 20, 2022



We are located in the heart of Aggieland in College Station, TX.

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