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The Laboratory for Nonequilibrium Phenomena (NEPLab) is located in the J. Mike Walker '66 Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University. We perform computational and experimental research of materials in extreme environments. Such environments include high strain-rate situations (i.e., ballistics and hypervelocity impacts) and non-negligible thermal situations. Employing multiscale mechanics models allows us to capture the pertinent physics on multiple length scales. We can then utilize our understanding to enable the multiscale design of revolutionary multifunctional materials. 

Carl Fauver Awarded NSF GRFP

NEPLab is proud to announce that Carl Fauver was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship! Carl's winning proposal intends to investigate the role of additive manufacting technologies on materials in dynamic environments, specifically in hypervelocity impacts (HVIs) and ballistic situations. His work will focus on further developing an existing crystal plasticity model (created by Justin Wilkerson and Thao Nguyen) to account for the grain anisotropy of additively manufacturing metal alloys. 

Additionally, Carl plans to make a broader impact in the community by developing an app that easily allows teachers to introduce engineering design concepts to K-12 students. The app will incorporate a virtual version of an egg drop allowing students to invent ideas to keep the egg from breaking. 

Congratulations Carl on this prestigious achievement!


April 17, 2020



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